Discover ... How We Do It

Our Mission:
Is to provide our clients with fresh, sustainable, innovative, customized hospitality experiences, operating with integrity and working in open and trusting relationships.

Our Vision:
We will be the most trustworthy, flexible and attentive hospitality partner.

Our Core Values:
Integrity, Creativity, Flexibility, Sensitivity, Family, Sustainability

Our Founding Philosophy: 
Creative Dining Services is a hospitality management company.

We are a team of professionals dedicated to providing our customers quality products at a fair value along with excellence in standards of service. We will work in partnership with our clients to achieve their goals as a part of their community.

Our clients and employees are our greatest assets; without either, we would not exist as a company. We will strive to listen, respond to their needs and provide growth opportunities for both.

We will conduct our business according to Christian values and principles.


Discover ... the freedom to create a personalized program


Looking for a program that reflects your culture and your values?

Looking to view dining and hospitality as an extension of your organization and not as a “vendor”?

Looking for a program that truly has your unique stamp on it?

At Creative Dining Services, we always ask, “what do you want?” and customize our programs to meet your unique requests. We will accommodate the special details that matter most to you, while providing leadership and expertise along the way. With our decades of expertise, we can often show you more efficient, economical and creative solutions that you might have not even considered.

It’s about you.
We will learn about you and your culture.  We will be an extension of you and your brand.

We intentionally erase the line between where you end and we begin, something you may have never seen before. We wear your uniforms and our on-site managers carry business cards from your organization, because our job is supporting your success.

Our goal is to become a part of your community, indistinguishable from your employees, bringing you a superb, local, professional dining program that functions as an extension of your organization.

Creative is part of our name, and fresh thinking shows in everything we do. We can adapt our models, menu cycles, systems, processes and dining environments to meet your individual needs. You will see it in everything from the delicious dishes we prepare using high-quality, seasonal, on-trend ingredients, to the unexpected ways we can serve you.

We serve from the heart.
We employ an award-winning team of culinary professionals, in addition to Registered Dietitians and operational leaders, who support our on-site culinarians in creating nutritious, fun and flavorful menu options. We go the extra mile to serve you personally, to deliver service in ways that are unexpected.

Discover ... how our company puts the best food, and people, first


Creative Dining Services has a reputation for serving excellence on every level.

  • We are a team of professionals dedicated to providing our customers with quality products at a fair value, along with excellence in standards of service.
  • Trained in Leadership Development, Hospitality Operations and Culinary Arts at our award-winning Creative University, our outstanding people truly enjoy coming to work and serving your community.
  • Our dining rooms and servers are always welcoming, and we will never compromise on our quality processes.

Why are we committed to such high standards? Because we know how important serving the right food in the right environment is for your organization; that dietary preferences or restrictions can influence the decision to choose a school, employer or residence. We’re feeding the success of your organization.

Excellence is our hallmark; we are always striving to improve, to serve you better.


Discover ... how our core values guide our business decisions


Right from the start, integrity has been one of our core values. It remains consistent and central to the character of Creative Dining Services, and the unwavering way we do business.

We are honest and open about everything we do, right down to the deliberately detailed way we present monthly financial information. With our transparent, open-book business practices, we only charge for all actual locally-generated costs. You pay what we pay. In addition, we can offer customized financial formats to meet your objectives.

Our business models can give you the freedom to operate your own department while maintaining the security of outsourced expertise and resources. Quality and service standards are not compromised by complicated contracts and corporate profit goals. Instead, our focus is on maximizing satisfaction and controlling contributions for the client.

Discover ... a unique business relationship


At Creative Dining, our vision is to be the most trustworthy, flexible and attentive hospitality partner. To us, that means we have to be the best in our industry at building close, long-term relationships with our clients, customers, employees and industry partners.

We believe the best of what we have to offer is a realization of a lasting partnership with every individual we work with, and that building and maintaining trust is priority one. Our twenty-plus years in this industry have been marked by generous referrals and references from our clients, dedication and loyalty from our team members and open relationships with our industry partners.