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Creative Dining Services partners with colleges, universities, Fortune 100 companies, full-service senior living communities, conference centers and K-12 schools and camps to provide a different kind of hospitality and facility management services experience—one that’s fun, innovative, and focused on your community. Why? Because that’s how it should be.

Dining should be fun. Really fun.
Like the kind of fun that makes roommates tell roommates not to miss it; that makes coworkers plan on meeting at the company café for a meal; that brings out the phones so everyone can take a picture. That kind of fun.

Dining should be engaging.
People are bringing more sophisticated palates to the table. And their dining choices should recognize this. From locally-grown products to dishes from around the globe, your community should receive a variety of offerings that interest, educate and engage them.

Dining should be delicious.  
Really. Because if it’s not good, if it’s not delicious, if it’s not let’s-not-miss-lunch-because-they’re-serving-my-favorite, then the dining team has failed at their most basic goal: fresh, delicious food.

Dining should build community.
At Creative Dining Services we know that dining is much more than eating a meal: it’s a social hub, it fosters culture, it brings people together and allows them to engage in their community. That’s why our vision is to be the most trustworthy, flexible and attentive hospitality partner. It is only by fulfilling our vision that we are able to accomplish our number-one goal: enhancing your community with the customized dining program you both want and need.



Discover ... The History of CDS


Since 1990, Creative Dining Services has dared to be different. From day one, we’ve had a unique focus—to serve as a transparent hospitality management services company that partners with our clients’ community.

We started small, paying deliberate attention to every detail. Through the years, we’ve consistently focused on delivering flexible and creative high-quality food and service while building relationships … with our clients and throughout our organization. 

It’s been a recipe for outstanding success. We work closely with each client, placing our emphasis on providing customized programs, using the hands-on attentive management style that has always been our signature. 

Bright Ideas from Creative Dining 

Creative University, our corporate employee training and development program, is established. Supported by online and traditional classroom instruction, classes emphasize Leadership Development, Hospitality Operations and Culinary Arts. In April 2004, the National Restaurant Association presented us with their prestigious Winning Workforce Award for On-Site Dining Service Providers for this program.

We launched GrowTM, our corporate sustainability program. Founded on the principles of knowledge, understanding, conscience and action, it recognizes that these steps must happen consecutively for positive environmental change to take root. Grow offers a flexible menu of sustainability initiatives that let clients select the items that best fit their objectives. To learn more, visit our sustainability page.

A new menu costing software system was implemented, our recipe nutritional analysis was updated, we moved to a higher-level sanitation audit program to enhance quality assurance, and introduced a dining phone app to our locations.

Our Food Allergen Labeling Program was deployed to all of our locations; we added to our roster of local purveyors at each account, created a new menu cycle for senior living locations, added online human resources training, developed and implemented plug-and-play HR modules to assist local managers with hiring and outsourced the cataloging of our recipe library.

Discover ... Our Clients


Creative Dining Services partners with a wide range of organizations, but they all have one thing in common—they expect more from their hospitality, food service or facility management services provider. 

Clients come to us because they want:

  • Superior food quality
  • A distinct value aligned partnership
  • A flexible, customized hospitality program
  • Transparent financial stewardship

Today, Creative Dining Services offers complete hospitality and facility management services to over 70 clients throughout the Midwestern and Southeastern U.S. Here is what some of them have to say about us:

“I wanted to tell you how nice the Thanksgiving dinner was for our family. The food was wonderful! The young man who served us deserves a lot of credit. No matter what we asked, he quickly and happily helped us. We truly enjoyed our afternoon and we're glad that we could offer Mom such a nice time with her family.”
Family Member / Senior Living Community
“I want to thank you and your wonderful team for the great work you are doing at K.  Our administrative team has commented several times that we feel so good about the decision to bring you here, and how you have blended so quickly with our culture and provided our students with a tremendous food program.  So thank you again!”
James Prince / Vice President for Business & Finance / Kalamazoo College
“We sincerely appreciate all you did to make a wonderful experience for our alumni and their families. You presented great food and a great atmosphere … You handled many events simultaneously, and graciously navigated multiple personalities, venues and changes … You pulled off an amazing weekend.” 
Joyce A. Wood / Associate Vice President for University Relations / Taylor University
“I want to sincerely thank you for the excellent service you provided during our 100 Day Safety Celebration. This was the first large catering event we’ve scheduled with your company and you exceeded our expectations. I appreciated the way you listened to your customer, offered suggestions, communicated and were so willing to work with us as a team. And you did it with a smile.”
Vicki Cornish / Pfizer Global Supply


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At Creative Dining Services, our highest priority is meeting your unique hospitality, food service and facility management needs. 

Whether you’re already a satisfied client or interested in learning more about us, you can count on our flexibility and creativity, higher standards of quality and commitment to building long-standing relationships. 

Ask us your questions here, and we will respond promptly. Thank you, and we look forward to serving you. 

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