Fun, innovative and focused

We provide a different kind of hospitality experience – one that’s fun, innovative, and focused on your community.

Creative Dining Services partners with colleges, universities, Fortune 100 companies, full-service senior living communities, healthcare organizations, conference centers, and camps to bring ideas and passion to their tables.

Our Dining Manifesto

We believe dining should be fun. Really fun.

Like the kind of fun that makes friends tell friends not to miss it; that makes coworkers plan on meeting at the company café for a meal; that brings out the phones so everyone can take a picture. That kind of fun.

We believe dining should be engaging.

People are bringing more sophisticated palates to the table. Their dining choices should reflect this. From locally-grown products to dishes from around the globe, your community deserves a variety of offerings that interest, nourish, and engage them.

We believe dining should be delicious.

Because when it’s good, when it’s delicious, when it’s “let’s-not-miss-lunch-because-they’re-serving-my-favorite,” then Creative Dining has succeeded in its most basic goal:  fresh, delicious, desired food.

We believe dining should build community.

At Creative Dining Services, we know that dining is much more than eating a meal: it’s a social hub, it fosters culture, it brings people together and allows them to engage in their community. That’s why our vision is to be the most trustworthy, flexible and attentive hospitality partner. It is only by fulfilling our vision that we are able to accomplish our number one goal: enhancing your community with the personalized dining program you both want and need.

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