We know that dining is much more than three meals a day.

Dining is a social hub, it fosters and celebrates culture, it brings people together and allows them to share experiences as a community. The dining program is the perfect environment for students to experience and express social responsibility; learn about different cultures; and apply their classroom research to the real world. This is one of the reasons we are so passionate about food and dining: it can bring the world together.

Dining Concepts

We have a full complement of in-house concepts that provide dining variety and healthy options every day. Ranging from Indian and Mexican street fare to a high-end delicatessen to the ultimate pizza fix, the breadth and depth of our offerings span the globe.

Special Events and Promotions

Where can you go to win a prize? Be transported on a trip to a tropical island? Participate in a trivia contest or a shoot-out contest or a gingerbread house building contest? All while enjoying fantastic food, a special dinner, or a create-your-own-sundae-bar? Dining services, of course.

Creative Dining Services partners with manufacturers to offer exciting special events and promotions. And they are fun! With the chance to win prizes like GoPros, Xboxes, iPads, coolers, hammocks, or tickets to sporting events or concerts, combined with special meals and other promotions, there’s always something exciting going on in our dining locations.

Contact us today to see how we can bring our excitement to your table.


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