Dining is the heart of community.

It’s where we gather together for conversation, for connection, for fun. Nowhere is this more important than in a Senior Living community.

Creative Dining Services understands the important role dining plays in building relationships and satisfaction, and the effect that a vibrant dining program has on an individual. We understand how dining can impact quality of life, from taste, to convenience, to dignity. And we know that in the end, it’s about one thing: community. We enhance your community by becoming an integral part of it.

Special Diets

Being on a special diet can touch every aspect of someone’s life. And in addition to being difficult, it can be isolating, unfamiliar, and bland.

Our team of registered dietitians work with our dining services managers to help meet the needs of those who are on medically necessary modified diets. Whether it involves separate cooking, storage, and cleaning equipment, or special texturizers, our focus is always on our guests and helping them enjoy their dining experience as much as possible.

Food and dining are a cornerstone of community. It is important to help our guests participate as fully as possible.

Special Events and Promotions

Creative Dining Services partners with manufacturers to offer exciting special events and promotions. From our Bee Happy, Bee Healthy events with the Honey Nut Cheerios’ Bee, to holiday dinners and fun cookouts, we provide an engaging atmosphere that enables guests to enjoy their community and participate in fun activities.

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