We are passionate about food and we believe in wholesome, nutritious ingredients.

We are passionate about food and we believe in wholesome, nutritious ingredients. That is why we are committed to using items that are healthier for both our bodies and the planet. Food Matters is our nutrition program. It assists our guests in identifying healthy foods, and educates them on how to live a healthy lifestyle.

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How We Do This

  • Featuring seasonal and regionally available ingredients in our menus.
  • Sourcing from on-site gardens, local farmers and small producers, and participating in year-round community supported agriculture (CSA) programs.
  • Serving sensible portions of animal proteins.
  • Offering a variety of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options.
  • Purchasing sustainable seafood that follows the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program recommendations.
  • Minimizing the use of MSG or products that contain MSG.
  • Sourcing non-growth hormone-added local milk as well as offering soy and almond milk.
  • Offering a variety of whole grain breads, pastas, rice and cereals.
  • Using trans-fat free oils-including non-GMO soy oils that are produced in a “green” facility.
  • Offering USDA Organic, Shade Grown, Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance coffees and teas.
  • Accommodating nutritional and dietary requests.

By operating with these standards in mind, educating our customers about the dining offerings, and preparing items so that they will be as fresh as possible when served, we support local agriculture, increase nutrition and nutritional awareness and intensify flavor.

Nutritional Analysis

We have Nutritional Analysis available of our recipes. Please, if you have a medical dietary restriction or food allergy, speak directly with your dining services team regarding your needs.

food matters - creative dining

Allergen Awareness

Food allergies are a serious concern. Creative Dining Services is committed to identifying the presence of the eight major food allergens in the items that we serve through the use of icons and labels. These allergens include: Eggs, Fish, Milk, Peanuts, Shellfish, Soy, Tree Nuts, and Wheat.

Our employees are trained to work with those who have food allergies to make their dining experience not only safe, but enjoyable. Any guest who dines with us is encouraged to contact one of our managers to make sure there is a clear understanding of their needs. We have also dedicated an entire concept, The Zone, to providing an allergen-free station at many of our locations. At The Zone a guest can receive a complete meal prepared free of the eight major allergens.

For more information about our Allergen Awareness program, please email us at nutrition@creativedining.com


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