Creating lasting value

Through a balanced approach and responsible programming, we create lasting value for all of our stakeholders: customers, employees, suppliers, communities and the environment.

We increasingly invest in our partnerships and in the following ways:


  • We are deeply engaged with our clients and their communities. From complimentary staff picnics, sponsoring traditional campus events, hosting recurring blood drives, and participation in annual walks for the cure, we champion the causes that are near and dear to our clients’ hearts.
  • We are equally engaged with our own corporate community, in which we are compelled to give back. Our team members have worked with Kid’s Food Basket in West Michigan, Ronald McDonald house in Illinois, and work to donate food in locations across the country, to name a few of our charitable activities. We also recognize the leading volunteers in our employee family with an annual award that includes a donation to their chosen charity.
  • We continually strive to be an employer of choice within our industry, offering career paths and compensation that provide development and progression opportunities for all who love to serve. Our retention rate is nearly triple that of the industry norm.
  • We are engaged in mutually supportive, responsible relationships with our supply chain partners. This means we work together with them to bring the best in product and services to our clients while ensuring our partners can offer these benefits long term.


  • Our GrowTM program offers lower-impact solutions in food sourcing, waste management and energy and water conservation, supporting the sustainability initiatives of our clients.


  • We are a growth-oriented, profitable company that understands no business is truly sustainable without the responsible care of people and the environment


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