Dining Services for
Independent K-12 Schools

No matter how many meals students eat at school, parents know how important dining is to the student experience. Bring quality, dynamic dining to your students and staff.

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Dining Services as
Unique as Your School

We want our meals to be inclusive for all diners. Whether it’s clearly labeling all dietary allergens, being mindful of religious dietary restrictions, or offering delicious meat-free options, we meet your student needs.

Locally-sourced Ingredients

Central to our culinary approach is the seasonal, local sourcing of produce and animal proteins. Through our innovative direct-to-farm purchasing program FARMSTEAD™, our list of partnerships of 60+ privately owned family farms, co-ops and non-profit food hubs is always growing.

Don’t Forget About Parents

We got the answer straight from the source! Especially for younger students, parent input is crucial to a dining program’s success. We define direct and indirect communication channels for your students and parents to provide input.

Custom Dining Services

Dining programs aren’t one-size-fits-all. Here are just a few highlights of what you can expect from partnering with us.

Culinary Expertise

While we love “Pizza Friday,” variety is the spice of life! We continuously update our menus based on student desires and seek feedback on our offerings.

Training & Safety

Our well-trained dining team wants both students and parents to feel good about eating at school, being sensitive to allergies or restrictions.

Wellness & Nutrition

Food should look good, taste good, and be good for students. Luckily, “nutritionally balanced” doesn’t have to mean boring!

Program Sustainability

A sustainable program looks different for each school, but our programming is built on the same foundation: People. Planet. Profit.

What They’re Saying

About Our Dining Services

“Positive strides have been made [since Creative Dining arrived] to improve quality, communication & adapting to changing student athlete needs.”


Mount Michael Benedictine High School

“The new dining space feels more like a food court where we’d hang out after school. And the food is great, too! I never bring my lunch anymore.”

Ellie D.

Student, Knoxville Catholic High School

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Make cafeteria dining both exciting and accessible to your students with interesting, delicious meals they’ll look forward to every day.