Wellness & Nutrition

Unlike a typical restaurant, Creative Dining serves your diners several times almost every day.

Because of this, we don’t just want to delight your diners with savory flavors and sweet treats. We want to ensure access to balanced nutrition that fuels their bodies and minds. Wellness is not a one-size-fits-all solution, so we offer customizable daily menuing with healthy options and full nutritional transparency to empower diners to choose wisely.

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Nutrition Features

Menus of Change

Developed by America’s most talented chefs and scientists, Menus of Change® is a program that educates and advocates for menus that are balanced in wellness, sustainability and flavor. They provide practical menu solutions to promote plant and whole grain forward eating, alongside reasonable portions of animal protein. We offer whole, minimally-processed foods, low-sugar snacks, plant-forward recipes and fresh fruits and vegetables available at every service point.

Balanced Menuing

We expand vegetable, fruit and whole-grain offerings on our menus while serving proper portions of animal protein. With a whole foods menu, diners experience a more sustainable way to eat well and support long-term health and wellness goals. A partnership with the Humane Society of the United States gives us access to a library of hundreds of chef-created vegan and vegetarian menu items.

    Local Sourcing

    Through our proprietary FARMSTEAD™ program, we’ve partnered with 60+ farms, food hubs and farmers markets across six states, and our program is still growing. By providing safe and fair rules of engagement for both grower and buyer, this direct purchasing program supports our plant-forward menus with locally grown and produced food. We can support local agriculture and bring small, family-owned producers to a market they might not be able to access.

    Dietitian and Nutritional Support

    Our corporate dietitian team works with you to develop the best food options for your diners, and in some instances to offer lower prices on healthier food options. Your diners can have direct contact with our team of corporate dietitians and your onsite culinarian experts to ask for any advice. Diners also have full nutritional transparency at their fingertips with reliable and secure software that provides nutritional or allergen information as well as labels for grab-and-go snacks.

    Fill Your Plate
    with Peace of Mind

    At Creative Dining, we believe that enjoying a meal should be something everyone can experience regardless of dietary limitations. Your confidence matters to us. Due to our menus and substitutions, your diners will not have to fear if meals could threaten their health. Creative Dining offers flavorful options for almost any dietary limitation while providing diners with the information they need to make safe, informed food choices.

    An Estimated 32 Million
    Americans have Food Allergies

    Nearly 11% of American
    have Food Allergies

    [all statistics as of 2020, according to FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education)]

    Approximately 8% of American
    have Food Allergies

    Allergen Awareness

    Approximately 200,000 Americans require emergency medical care every year due to allergic reactions from food. Through Creative Dining’s Allergen Awareness program, we identify the presence of the nine major food allergens in the items that we serve through the use of icons and labels to keep diners informed and safe.

    2020 – NACUFS Loyal E. Horton Dining Award

    Special Dietary Needs

    Creative Dining diligently offers call-outs on our menus and dining apps for individuals with additional dietary needs including vegetarian, vegan and halal. At Creative Dining locations, diners have menu options that specifically fit their dietary restrictions and food values. They will be able to easily identify these with clear icons on our menu boards and signs.