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You can have all the business strategy elements lined up at your organization, but an outstanding culture is the key to truly fostering engagement, retention, productivity and satisfaction for your employees. We can help! Don’t miss your opportunity to feed your culture (literally!) with an on-trend dining program. For inspiration, recipes, and our approach to creating community through food, download our corporate dining guide.

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Engaged & Productive Employees

Your employees’ health and happiness are tied directly to your ability to succeed. Quality dining experiences can be a defining characteristic of your workplace culture.

Foster a sense of belonging for your employees by enticing them to stay on-site for meals and meetings where they can enjoy tasty and nutritious food from scratch. An engaging dining program promotes interaction and sets the stage for collaboration and efficiency.

Enhance your culture and engage your workforce with restaurant-like dining programs tailored to your brand. Our menus and unique food stations take into account every palate: Does your team enjoy on-trend vegetarian options like Black Bean and Sweet Potato Enchiladas, and Kale, Mushroom and Gouda Quiche? Is your talent pool swimming with Gen-Z and Millennials with tastes for authentic global flavors like Za’atar Green Beans with toasted Walnuts and Sesame Seeds or Banh Mi? Or maybe they crave the classics like Chicken Caesar Flatbread Pizza, Steak Carnitas Tacos, and mouthwatering Burgers stacked high with toppings.

What They’re Saying

About Our Dining Services

Coley O’Brien
Chief People Officer, Wendy’s Company

“The cafe has become a really important part of how we create a great workplace experience for our employees.

A big part of where our focus is, ‘How do we make sure we’re creating a fantastic workplace experience, whether that’s out in our restaurants or at our Restaurant Support Center?’

As we brought Creative Dining on as a new partner, the experience was seamless. We set out some really important criteria: Quality of food, variety of food, and the overall service experience. I really feel that Creative Dining has delivered on all of those in a big way. Come in here any given day, you know you’re gonna get a quality food experience.

The reason I’ve recommended Creative Dining is they really have delivered on all of the things that they told us they would do, and they’re continuously looking for ways to elevate the employee and food experience here. They have made a great partner for us, and I’m certain they’d make a great partner for others as well.”

Scott Ingoglia
Director, Brose North America

“This café here is having a huge benefit to our teams!

Everyone is talking about how great the quality of food and pricing is. From a management perspective – I see a huge improvement in productivity by avoiding all of the downtime of leaving Brose for lunch, plus people are starting to eat together again. Thank you and the team for the support to make this happen.”

(Feedback after Creative Dining helped Brose North America build a new dining program at Innovations)

Custom Dining Services

Enjoy fresh, sustainable dining services customized for your organization.

A Dining Culture of Inclusion

We satisfy the most discerning palates, dietary preferences and global favorites. Meeting special dietary needs is not a special exception, it’s what we do at every meal, every day (halal, vegan, food allergies and more).

Our trained teams are in full FDA compliance with food labeling of the nine major allergens on all of our menu items. Gluten-free baked goods, plant-milk alternatives at our Zone stations and ZBox refrigerators are free of major allergens. We are intentional about offering options for everyone.

Responsible Operations

At Creative Dining, we pursue a balanced triple-bottom-line approach to sustainability, which means we thoughtfully consider social, environmental and economic factors in our food and beverage sourcing decisions. We support your sustainable initiatives first, then regularly bring value-added green hospitality practices to the table – whether it’s reducing energy and water usage in your kitchens, composting and recycling, food waste source reduction or food rescue to local non-profit agencies.

Sustainability, Wellness & Nutrition

We know that nothing is more important for your program than ensuring the health and wellness of your employees. Creative Dining’s menu development is strategically aligned with Menus of Change®, a national program developed by the Culinary Institute of America and Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health. The program educates and advocates for menus that are balanced in wellness, sustainability and flavor. We craft nutritionally-balanced, plant-centric menus that include whole grains and reasonable portions of animal proteins. It’s a more sustainable way to eat. The adoption of Menus of Change® is a pillar of our programming for clients pursuing the WELL™ Building Standard certification.

Our corporate registered dietitian team provides nutritional counseling, food allergy management, sports nutrition and special dietary needs. Throughout the year, we educate your employees on healthy eating habits with promotions that educate and inspire.

Local Sourcing

Central to our culinary approach is the seasonal, local sourcing of produce and animal proteins. Through our innovative direct-to-farm purchasing program FARMSTEAD™, our list of partnerships of 60+ privately owned family farms, co-ops and non-profit food hubs is always growing.

We deliver fresh, seasonal produce, meat, cheeses and artisanally-crafted foods to our locations. Creative chefs support farmers markets, student and community gardens and apiaries. With us, food safety comes first and our FARMSTEAD™ partners are thoroughly vetted for Good Agricultural Practices and food safety protocols.

Delicious Coffee

Whether it’s a small, sleek coffee kiosk or an elaborate corporate cafe, we can craft a warm and welcoming coffee program for your employees. Choose from locally-roasted beans, direct-trade coffee providers such as Thrive Coffee from Central America or nationally recognized brands for an authentic coffee-shop atmosphere that enhances your brand.

Restaurant-Level Service for Unique Environments

In addition to corporate headquarters, we can provide custom dining solutions for corporations with third shifts, aviation and more.

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