Marketing & Promotions

Today more than ever, your diners expect an experience that reminds them of their favorite cafe or restaurant. Captivate those who call your organization their school, workplace or home with a vibrant dining program that rivals any restaurant with menu features, special offers, promotions, giveaways and celebrations. Marketing is the engine that keeps your dining program healthy: increasing participation and diner satisfaction. Creative Dining brings proven marketing strategies to the table to elevate your brand, drive loyalty and establish your competitiveness in the marketplace.

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Program Features

Dining is a Competitive Edge

Meet your business objectives with a top-notch dining program that sets you apart. Dining makes a difference when you are head-to-head with your competition in attracting top talent; it can be the amenity that tips the scales when it comes to successful recruitment of students, employees or residents. Creating an environment for collaboration, ideation, innovation and fun is the catalyst for engaged people who value being a part of your organization.

Marketing Your Dining Program

People may come for the food, but they’ll return for the experience. Sticky marketing always starts with an acute knowledge of your diner and a strong strategy. Setting specific desired outcomes ensures our marketing strategy is both targeted and effective. We strive to position your dining as a high-value amenity and inspire participation through proven channels: social media, food samplings, loyalty programs through our mobile app and POS systems, personalized branding, signage, catering guides, take-out menus, promotions and events.