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Create brand loyalty and return customers with outstanding, unforgettable dining experiences at your conference or retreat center.

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Complete Hospitality Management

We share your commitment to making every guest experience memorable. Our superior customer service allows us to host a diverse range of meetings, trainings, conferences and special gatherings within your retreat or conference center. From the moment your guests arrive, we go the extra mile to greet them, anticipate their needs and reflect your hospitality culture. We have expertise in all aspects of the daily operations of world-class conference centers.

Chef-Driven, Innovative Meals

Our top-notch chefs can adapt models, menus, and dining experiences to meet the needs of your event. You can expect delicious meals prepared with fresh, seasonal, on-trend ingredients that will perfectly complement the mood and theme of your event.

Serve Diverse Groups and Needs

Hosting a special event that offers something for everyone—regardless of dietary preferences, cultural backgrounds, or level of dining sophistication happens to be a specialty of ours. We meet special dietary needs (halal, vegan, allergies and more!) while providing delicious options.

Coffee, Desserts & More

Choose from locally-roasted beans or nationally-recognized brands like Starbucks® for a custom coffee program that pairs perfectly with our mouth-watering desserts.

Responsible Operations

Thoughtfully considering social, environmental and economic factors in our sourcing, Creative Dining pursues a balanced triple-bottom-line approach to sustainability. Our programming engages and supports your clients’ sustainable initiatives, regularly bringing value-added green hospitality practices to the table, including strategies to reduce energy and water usage, comprehensive composting and recycling programs, source reduction to prevent food waste and, whenever possible, food rescue to help feed the food insecure.

Sustainability, Wellness & Nutrition

We know that nothing is more important than ensuring the health and wellness of your guests. Creative Dining’s menu development is strategically aligned with Menus of Change®, a national program developed by the Culinary Institute of America and Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health. The program educates and advocates for menus that are balanced in wellness, sustainability, and flavor. We craft nutritionally-balanced, plant-centric menus that include whole grains and reasonable portions of animal proteins. It’s a more sustainable way to eat.

Our corporate registered dietitians provide our chefs with training and nutritional coaching in the management of food allergies and other special dietary needs. Our programming provides on-trend menus featuring locally sourced fresh produce, whole grains, and lean proteins, supporting nourishment and mental focus for a day of meeting and learning.

Local Sourcing

Central to our culinary approach is the seasonal, local sourcing of produce and animal proteins. Through our innovative direct-to-farm purchasing program FARMSTEAD™, our list of partnerships of 60+ privately owned family farms, co-ops and non-profit food hubs is always growing.

We deliver fresh, seasonal produce, meat, cheeses and artisanally-crafted foods to our locations. Creative Dining chefs support farmers markets, student and community gardens and apiaries. With us, food safety comes first and our FARMSTEAD™ partners are thoroughly vetted for Good Agricultural Practices and food safety protocols.

Surprise & Delight

Surprise and delight your guests with an event they’ll remember for years to come. Learn how we can partner with you to create a memorable experience that will drive brand loyalty for your hotel, conference center, or retreat center.