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Tailoring dining experiences that cater to your needs, our goal is to reflect your brand and build your community.

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Creative Dining delivers complete hospitality management to our partners.

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Sarah Westfall
Vice President for Student Development & Dean of Students, Kalamazoo College

Excellent Dining Enhances the College Experience

“Creative Dining has enhanced the student experience at Kalamazoo College by, first, providing consistently good food. In addition to this essential fundamental, Creative has greatly improved our ability to meet important student needs related to vegan and vegetarian offerings, cuisines from across the globe, Passover, Ramadan, food system sustainability, and a wide array of really diverse student programs and events.

The willingness of Creative to work with student groups and offices has been wonderful. They are responsive and, well, CREATIVE in ways that meet the changing needs and tastes of the campus. They also bring great warmth and friendliness to their interactions with students. Finally, Creative’s fun ideas really are that: Mardi Gras food, surprise milkshakes, make-your-own cookie bars, and hot chocolate on the quad are just a few examples of fun events that our students love.”

An Integrated Partnership

What if your dining partner could blend so seamlessly into your environment and culture that your community would see them as an extension of your organization and not a separate vendor?

Your Brand, Culture & Goals

We ask, “What are you hoping to accomplish?” and personalize your dining program to meet your unique desired outcomes.

Is it attracting top talent for your Fortune 500 company or maintaining an engaged student population at your University? Do you aim to become LEED Certified in your dining center or get an A+ PETA rating while staying within budget? Do you value scratch cooking from highly trained chefs?

We learn about you and your culture with the goal of becoming a part of your community, indistinguishable from your employees, bringing you a superb, local, professional dining program that functions as an extension of your organization.

Healthy, Delicious Food to Bring Your Community Together

Serve Diverse Groups with Diverse Needs

Host a dining environment that offers cuisine to please every palate—regardless of dietary preferences, cultural backgrounds, or level of dining sophistication. Creative Dining meets special dietary needs (halal, vegan, allergies and more!) while providing delicious meals.

A Restaurant-Like Experience

Whether you host students, colleagues or seniors, your guests can relax in a welcoming atmosphere with excellent customer service just as they would in a neighborhood restaurant or local café.

Healthy Food from Scratch

Nothing is more important than ensuring the health and wellness of your people. We have adopted the national Menus of Change program, developed by the Culinary Institute of America and Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health, which expands produce and whole grain offerings along with reasonable portions of animal proteins. It’s a more sustainable way to eat.

Freshen Up Your Food.
Build Your Community.