Training & Safety

Do you want great food served safely by knowledgeable, happy dining employees?

The best dining programs are rooted in training and care for the food service team — which in return means a better experience for your diners. Our teams are well equipped for the job at hand: from food allergen training and understanding health codes to customer service strategies, our training programs have it covered.


At Creative Dining, we see the direct correlation between happy and trained employees and their level of commitment, engagement and productivity. Our most recent employee survey showed that 94% of our employees strive to do their best at work every day, which is good news for your diners.

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COVID-19 has posed a real threat to diners and their dining experience. That’s why our team of experts assembled our “COVID-19 Operational Response Playbook” as a proprietary resource showcasing our management plan for each market segment we serve. This ever-adapting plan includes heightened sanitation practices, employee health and training protocols, social distancing methods, food safety tactics and more.

Employee Training Programs

Top-Notch Team Members

Creative Dining’s opportunities for professional development enhance our ability to attract, develop and retain top talent while improving consistency, efficiency, food preparation and services. We’ll provide you with top-notch dining team members for your needs, ensuring your service runs efficiently and even have a program in place to retain your current dining employees when you switch to Creative Dining.

Creative Leadership

All Creative Dining general managers and executive leaders participate in Creative Leadership, a tailored 4-week leadership development program with all corporate departments. They get to roll up their sleeves, receiving hands-on training in various positions including dishwashing, preparing food, and serving, gaining an appreciation for the challenges of each role.

Creative University

Creative University, our comprehensive corporate employee training and development program, won the National Restaurant Association’s Winning Workforce Award. We hire, train, and cross-train talented dining employees in multiple roles so our dining teams can be agile and flow to the need.

Chef Lab

Our Culinary Innovation Council developed a 2-day, boot camp-style training event called Chef Lab to hone the culinary skills and inspire innovative thinking for our top chefs.

Customer Service Training

Our approach to customer service is one of respect, responsiveness and follow-through. We train employees in going above in the areas of service, attitude, consistency and teamwork. It’s not about what you sell, but who you serve. 

Inviting diner feedback is important to continuous improvement. We provide many methods of feedback: mobile dining apps, comment cards, direct to management and the dining website. Our on-site teams are empowered to respond and incorporate suggestions in real time. Creative Dining’s most recent aggregate survey results showed a satisfaction rate of 93% of all respondents, with the top areas of satisfaction being:

  • Staff courtesy and helpfulness
  • Staff accuracy when fulfilling your order
  • Appearance and cleanliness of service area

Safety Practices

Sanitation & Hygiene

We place high importance on all levels of quality assurance and safety. Creative Dining requires all food service managers to be ServSafe® Manager and Allergen Certified. In addition to local health department inspections, we independently contract with a third-party company, Steritech, to provide on-site food safety and sanitation assessments annually.

Our team uses on-site inspection software to ensure consistent, real-time measurement of quality, documentation and sanitation standards. The app automates inspections, checklists and forms, which are completed monthly by our team at each location. Several key features include centralized, real-time cloud-based dashboards, the ability to add photos with detailed comments, desktop reporting and more.


At Creative Dining, we are a growth oriented company that embraces triple bottom line decision-making: people, planet and profit. True sustainability means caring for all three of those “P’s.” Through our GROW™ program, we support initiatives like compostable serviceware, food waste reduction and rescue, water conservation, and local food sourcing.