The culture your employees work in affects everything from productivity to satisfaction and retention.

Your company has worked hard to differentiate itself through providing superior products or services. Shouldn’t your employee dining program be superior as well?

Creative Dining Services knows how important it is for workplace culture to foster a sense of community – and dining services is a great place to emphasize this. Keeping employees on-site, where they can enjoy great food and an engaging dining program, promotes interaction and sets the stage for collaboration and efficiencies. A great dining program encourages meetings to be held in-house, keeps people engaged, and enhances the feeling of belonging for your valued employees.

Dining Concepts

Our in-house concepts provide dining variety and healthy options every day. We work closely with our business and industry clients to understand the needs of their community and supply them with a dining program personalized for their culture. As a matter of fact, our Indian food concept was inspired by corporate employees from India working with Creative Dining chefs to recreate dishes and flavors from home that they missed.

Special Events and Promotions

We partner with manufacturers to offer exciting special events and promotions. They are fun and engaging, drawing your employees into the workplace culture. With the chance to win prizes like GoPros, Xboxes, iPads, to coolers, hammocks, tickets to sporting events or concerts, combined with special meals and other promotions, there’s always something exciting going on in our company cafes.

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Looking for a program that reflects your culture and your values?
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