Meet the Team Driving Us Forward!

While every member of our team is vital to our success and growth, there are two people in particular that drive our business forward. We want to take a quick moment to introduce them and share a bit about them with you.

Luke Apiecionek

As the Director of Business Development in the Great Lakes Region, Luke has a long history of working with food-centric companies. From Pepsi and Coca-Cola to Kroger and beyond, Luke has seen what the food service industry looks like from all sides. He’s found it enjoyable to apply the knowledge and expertise he gained from his time with products into his work with Creative Dining Services.

Based out of Cincinnati, OH, Luke was drawn to join our team because of our people and culture.

“It’s refreshing. They’re real, they’re honest. They’re good people. They care about everybody: the customers, the employees. It’s not just tactics,” he said. “They do what’s right, and figure out the rest later. I’m at the point in my life where I just want to be around good people, and I’ve found that here.”

Susan Smith

Susan is our Director of Business Development for the Southeast Region of the US. Where we focus on food service, Susan’s main specialty is hospitality, especially as it relates to higher education and healthcare facilities.

She’s big on relationship-building all across the industry and individual organizations, going so far as to bring homemade cookies to potential client meetings!

“I can’t state enough how important relationships are in our industry,” she said. “Most of what I do is just relationship-building. Whether it takes three months or six years for someone to be ready to work with us, if we think they’re gonna be a good fit, we keep up that relationship. We’re becoming part of their family just as much as they’re becoming part of ours.”

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