Creative Dining Develops Top-Notch Culinarians

Embracing a New Reality

In years past, college food was compared to other college food, food from corporate kitchens was stacked up against food served at corporate kitchens. 

Hospitality management today at our dining programs means catering to students, seniors and employees who are more educated about food than past generations.

Because of that, guests compare their dining experience at colleges, corporations or senior living communities to their favorite restaurant. They are setting the expectations bar higher than ever before with dining experiences that include the highest-quality food, farm-to-fork dining and cooking, vegan, vegetarian, plant-forward menus and exceptional service. And, they want international cuisine and trending food options. 

This new reality has led to a growing and immediate need for highly trained, on-trend culinarians; they are critical for success in the hospitality industry. Creative Dining Services continuously cultivates innovation and uplevels our culinarians by investing in and developing our dining teams. 

Piloting Creative Dining Culinary School

And now, we are expanding our educational offerings by piloting Creative Dining Culinary School, an online cooking curriculum powered by the highly acclaimed institution called Rouxbe.

Why? Because while the pressure increases to serve high-quality restaurant-like food, the hospitality world is feeling the pain of a chef shortage that has escalated in the last several years. 

Potential students are deciding that the salary ranges are not worth the cost of expensive culinary schools. Want-to-be professional culinarians are looking to avoid accruing debt, but still want to get into the food business. 

In response, the Creative Dining Culinary School can train employees (with or without culinary skills) so they can become full-fledged culinary professionals.

With a focus on foundational training, we offer a scalable, affordable and flexible solution to attract, develop and retain employees. The training includes a variety of automated assessments and hands-on demonstrations. Participants learn cooking techniques — on a wide range of topics such as grains and legumes, steaming, stewing and braising, knife skills, plant-based cuisine, and much more. 

The Creative Dining Culinary School is part of Creative University, a comprehensive corporate employee training and development program that won the National Restaurant Association’s Winning Workforce Award. Creative University curriculum is delivered during courses focused in three disciplines: leadership, hospitality operations, and the culinary arts.

Rouxbe is recognized as official education for certification by the American Culinary Federations’ (ACF) Education Foundation. And, graduates of the program are eligible for fast track certification for Commis Chef or Chef de Partie status with The World Association of Chefs Societies (WorldChefs).

Sound Fun? Next Steps.

Do you want to work in a great workplace, get paid and enhance your culinary skills at the same time? Consider Creative Dining Services. We love working here, and we think you will too.

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