Hot Meals for Residents in Tornado-Ravaged Kentucky

In December 2021, tornadoes ravaged the Southern United States and Ohio Valley. Among the worst-hit were towns in Western Kentucky where more than 1,000 homes and buildings were destroyed. In Dawson Springs, KY, 75% of homes were destroyed. Many people in this area were without shelter, power, and food.

To help those affected, World Central Kitchen’s Relief Team sprang into action calling on their volunteers across the United States. Emergency kitchens were set up and food trucks were mobilized to reach rural communities impacted by the tornadoes. 

“WCK has brought our own Relief Food Trucks to prepare meals in addition to all of our partners cooking – and we’ll be here as long as we are needed.”World Central Kitchen.

As of December 21st, World Central Kitchen volunteers served over 40,000 meals alongside restaurant and food truck partners. The Chef Relief Team, composed of professional chefs and other specialists, was called in to oversee emergency kitchens. The team is made up of volunteers some of whom drive or fly in to volunteer their time, and Creative Dining Chef Jay Sharkey was one of those volunteers this Christmas. 

chef volunteering at World Central Kitchen -- food service

Jay traveled to Dawson Springs and Mayfield, Kentucky – two of the hardest-hit areas – as a World Central Kitchen volunteer to serve and prepare hot meals for those in need on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. 

“Today, (December 24), we served a menu of Shepherd’s Pie, Salad, Garlic Bread, Apple Sauce, Focaccia, and Derby Pie. We probably served around 1,500 people. On Christmas morning, I will be moving to a local high school commissary kitchen to produce a few thousand meals, and then will be assisting with Christmas dinner distribution of Baked Ham and Trimmings.” – Creative Dining Chef Jay Sharkey

Creative Dining is grateful to World Central Kitchen for their efforts in helping provide food to those in emergency situations and is happy to provide assistance to our chefs that volunteer to help this wonderful program. If you are interested in volunteering or learning more about World Central Kitchen, click here.

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