A balanced Triple Bottom Line approach in our food and beverage purchasing.

Creative Dining Services thoughtfully pursues a balanced Triple Bottom Line approach in our food and beverage purchasing.

The Triple Bottom Line (Social, Environmental and Economic) expands the traditional “local” reporting framework to include social and financial considerations as well as environmental responsibility.

Local Purchasing <150 Miles

Food and beverage companies, whose products are grown, produced or manufactured within 150 miles of the dining location. The benefits of local purchasing support local agriculture, manufacturing, and small business development. Dollars spent locally reduce greenhouse gas emissions due to shorter transportation routes, and importantly, and also creates and supports local and regional jobs.

Purchases of locally sourced products through our prime vendor, Gordon Food Service, are included within this category.

Local Farm & Artisan Vendors

We also track dollars spent with smaller, local and regional farms and producers that are directly owner-operated, or part of an owner-operated cooperative. We have several Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) and direct-to-farm relationships through our Farmstead program.

Eco Purchasing

These purchases are not grown or produced locally, but would have another sustainable designation: USDA Organic, Marine Stewardship Certified, Cage Free, Fair Trade Certified, etc. This category is a significant challenge as these products typically cost more. However, we continue to work within our vendor relationships to expand our procurement of affordable sustainable seafood choices, cage-free shell eggs, and Fair and Direct Trade coffee and teas.


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