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Setting Leadership Priorities [INTERVIEW]

Finding Meaning Every leader is challenged to remember what’s most important in the midst of board meetings, top-line versus bottom-line growth, acquisitions, keeping shareholders happy. At some point, most leaders come head-to-head with the questions, “What matters...

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Creative Dining Develops Top-Notch Culinarians

Embracing a New Reality In years past, college food was compared to other college food, food from corporate kitchens was stacked up against food served at corporate kitchens.  Hospitality management today at our dining programs means catering to students, seniors...

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Meet the Chef: Angela McIntosh

Chef: Angela McIntoshPosition: Food Service Director at St. Ann’s Home (Grand Rapids, MI) With her megawatt smile and a gift for gab, Chef Angela McIntosh connects easily with the residents at St. Ann's Home in Grand Rapids, MI. "Working in a senior living community...

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How Two Companies Save Bees

How Two Companies Save Bees

Most of us remember our last encounter with a bee. Maybe you can recall the pain of being stung or the effort you made to avoid the furry, flying insects. Today, people and corporations around the world aren’t dodging bees but are instead inviting them onto their...

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RECIPE: Smoked Guacamole with Goat Cheese

TRY A NEW TWIST ON GUACAMOLE. Elevate this classic by infusing a subtle, smoky flavor and layering it with chili lime spiced amaranth, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, peanuts, blistered sweet corn, radishes, cilantro, crumbled goat cheese and sweet peppers. 5 avocados1...

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Inclusive Hiring Makes the Difference

Most of us would agree that it’s a worthy pursuit to find qualified candidates and give them an opportunity to contribute and grow professionally. But, the question boils down to whether diversifying your employment pool is both the right thing to do and good for...

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